The Wicklow Broadband Gigabit Network

Wicklow broadband gained its customer base quickly between 2006 – 2010. During 2012 the network structure and technology was reviewed and updated to massively increase data carrying capacity to meet current, and medium term, capacity. We now operate a network with multi-Gigabit capacity. Wicklow broadband carries both a standard [residential/small-business] broadband service and also dedicated high speed (un-contended) links to business customers who are availing of this type of product as a leased line replacement. The fibre Internet connectivity is purchased within Ireland's largest data centre and carried out via multiple radio links and our fibre back-haul network from the data centre. The three primary radio uplinks are East Wall, Three Rock Mountain and Bray Head.

We are utilising the 140 Metre RTE mast on three rock mountain to carry point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links across Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford counties and the "licensed spectrum" Ceragon links carry up to 600 Mbps full duplex traffic per individual link. The network of antennas make up an interconnected ring network topology and this, along with dynamic routing protocols, ensures that a single point of failure will not cause an outage to a segment of the network.

Network Overview :

- The East Coasts largest fixed wireless broadband provider.
- Highly resilient Network design with self healing ring architecture.
- Network powered by Ceragon, Cisco and DragonWave technology.
- Redundant Data Centers with connectivity to multiple Tier1 internet transit providers.