How our wireless connectivity works:

We mount an antenna somewhere on our client’s property that has line of site to one of our many mesh transmitters. We then connect your router or hub or PC directly to the transmitter with a Cat 5 cable. Once this is completed you are up and running.

Installation time is approximately 1-2 hours.

Domestic Broadband

  • Prices starting from €29.99
  • 3, 7, 8, 9, & 12Mb packages
  • 20:1 Contention ratio

Whether you are sending documents, emails or playing your favourite games online with your friends around the world, we will have a broadband package to suit your needs.

Business Broadband

  • Prices starting from €49.99
  • 7, 9, & 12Mb Pro packages
  • Low Contention ratio

We have the perfect solutions for your business needs. Just call and speak to one of ourrepresentatives for a full range of low latency and low contention specialty business packages.

Corporate Customer

  • Zero Contention
  • Dedicated Bandwidth
  • 4 hour SLA available

Our Corporate clients require the very best. That is why we provide bespoke broadband packages that suit their individual needs.

VOIP Services

  • No phone line required
  • No line rental
  • Keep your existing number

Our VOIP phone service can be bundled with any of your broadband packages.Please call and speak with one of our representatives who will be happy to talk to you.